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Classes normally take place in one of our primary centres, located in the city centre. During busier periods, adjacent overflow centres may be used. This will be advsied at the time of booking.

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Students on mini-stay and group programmes will be placed in one of our centres or in an overflow centre during peak periods.

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Our Meetinghouse Lane Centre, with 18 classrooms, is located in the city centre in a unique 18th century stone warehouse, converted into a school in 2001. Its interior combines original stone walls and wooden floors with a sleek and modern design. The walls are covered in inspirational art pieces and murals by local artists.

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Our Parnell Square Centre, with 8 classrooms, is housed in a beautiful, red brick Georgian building just 5 minutes’ walk from Meetinghouse Lane. The building combines large & ornate period rooms with modern furniture & artwork to create a wonderful and inspiring learning space, and boasts a stunning cafe overlooking Parnell Square.


During peak periods, adjacent overflow classrooms will be used.

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Please contact us at info@isi-ireland.ie if you would like to apply to take part in this programme.